About Me
Rose Bettenson London Nutritional Therapist and NLP Consultant

My Qualifications

I trained at one of the UK’s leading colleges, the British College of Nutritional Health, where I earned a Dip BCNH qualification. I am a member of the British Association for Nutritional Therapy.

Whilst practising as a Nutritional Therapist, I recognised that traditional Nutritional Therapy does not fully address the psychological issues of well being. As a consequence I gained a NLP Practitioner qualification in order to provide a unique and complete path to health and happiness. I am a member of INLPTA, the International Association of NLP Trainers.

Additionally, I am also an experienced horse riding instructor and have a BHSAI qualification (British Horse Society Assistant Instructor).

My Philosophy

I believe in taking a friendly and positive approach to the science of Nutritional Therapy and NLP. My approach to health is holistic, meaning that I will help you look at the broader picture of your life and health habits rather than eating habits alone, in order to help you incorporate your new self-improvement program into a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I am very passionate in what I do and find it amazing to be part of someone’s journey to health and happiness!

I do practice what I preach and I am passionate about cooking and eating good food. I firmly believe that eating is meant to be enjoyed. Not only is good healthy food enjoyable to eat, it also offers the positive benefits of good health, abundance of energy, and wellness. Healthy eating doesn't mean never indulging, though. A little of what you fancy (chocolate and wine in my case!) is always good in my world!

I am serious about sport and fitness, last year I trained for the Paris Marathon. I also completed the London Triathlon, in which I raised money for a very small charity called Small Steps, which do amazing work for children with disabilities. If you'd like to learn more about this charity, please click here.

I was only able to train for these strenuous events with correct nutrition.

My Journey to Health

During my later teenage years I developed a series of digestive disorders and random collection of symptoms, which left me feeling very unwell. After months of going to see the Doctors, and being referred to allergy specialists, I was told to go away and write a food diary. I then started to cut out certain foods, starting with wheat, and could not believe the difference it made. It felt as though a fog had lifted from my head, and through careful analysis I found out that gluten grains were the problem. I was amazed at the effect that eating the wrong foods for my body had on me. This started my interest in food and led to my becoming a Nutritional Therapist.