Intelligent Slimming™

A Revolutionary New Approach to Weight Loss

Rose Bettenson utilises a unique new approach to weight loss. Intelligent Slimming™ uses a unique combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Nutritional Therapy to take you towards optimum health and permanent weight loss. Using NLP cognitive techniques, the behavioural patterns that can lead to over eating are changed to ensure a healthy relationship with food.

Intelligent Slimming™ can free you of the stress and worry of dieting and provide you with the tools and information you need to become slim and stay slim forever!

Is Dieting the Best Way to Lose Weight?

No. Long term permanent weight loss will only occur with a healthy eating plan that is enjoyable and fits into a person’s lifestyle, coupled with exercise, and a mental shift in their attitude to weight and food.

There is no quick fix to a weight problem. Only steady slow weight loss will lead to permanent weight reduction. If it is too quick then water and muscle are lost. Very low calorie diets or “crash” diets tend to fail the most and cause the most damage. The body recognises low calorie diets as a sign of famine, therefore slowing down the metabolic rate. This means that when normal eating patterns are resumed, more calories will be stored. Long term yo-yo dieting has a very negative effect on the metabolic rate.

The body is designed to survive in times of famine. On the evolutionary scale our bodies have not caught up with the abundant food supply that we have in present times. As the body is always planning for a famine, any excess calories are stored as fat. In our modern, sedentary lifestyles, we do not get the amount of exercise necessary to burn excess calories and fat.

Health problems associated with being overweight

The process of intelligent slimming always starts with a Nutritional Therapy consultation. By carefully working with a client to ensure all the Nutritional needs are met, blood sugar levels are balanced, nutritional deficiencies are corrected, the body can then start to rebalance it self and the person can then start to lose weight, slowly so it can then be kept off permanently.

The follow up sessions then mainly concentrate on NLP. This then looks at why a person over eats, what the emotions ae behind it and then go about creating new beneficial behaviours. Then eating can be slowed down and, usually through hypnosis, a person can recognise when they are full and stop eating. Mental body image is changed, so you can feel positive and eat for health and well being, not for an emotional need.